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Wii Fit Trainer whips the fat dudes into shape. Duck Hunt Dog fights other animals including a dragon from Monster Hunter. If the game isn’t going to have that many absurd cutscenes, the least it can do is use its fight setups to explore different narrative crossover possibilities. The Adventure Mode, "World of Light," is also all about taking the crossovers to their logical conclusion. As I’ve written before, there’s a RPG grind element to this mode and the Spirits mechanic that drives it. You’re fighting clever custom matches evoking other characters to earn their Spirit JPEF file and level up your own Spirits. And honestly, I’m only playing a little bit at a time to avoid burnout. But playing it this way gives you more appreciation for just the sheer amount of effort put into the mode. The world map is huge and surprisingly puzzle-filled. The different Spirit buffs and skill trees provide tons of different ways to play characters you thought you were already used to. I’ve got a poison-immune Donkey Kong with beefier punches. And the thought put into the Spirit battles themselves are consistently charming. Dash attack Wario is Chargin’ Chuck.

There is one significant struggle that Ultimate comes up against, however, which lies in the nature of the console itself. Playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the Switch's handheld mode is simply not a great experience. The need to unlock characters also has the potential to be an initial annoyance, especially if your goal is to jump straight into multiplayer and start learning one of the six brand-new characters. Ultimate matches you with players from your region, but continues to use peer-to-peer style connectivity, which means the quality of the experience relies primarily on the strength of each player's internet connection. A bad connection from any player can result in a noticeable input delay, stuttering, and even freezing as the game tries to deal with latency issues. Things have the greatest potential to go bad during four-player matches, where there's a greater chance of finding a weak link. There's some blame to be put on the console itself--the Switch only has the capabilities for wifi networking. You can invest in an optional USB LAN adapter to make sure your own connection is stable, but because of the peer-to-peer nature, I found that the experience was just as inconsistent.

Unfortunately players have to make an entirely new lobby to change the rule set AND players can't queue up for the next game if they are spectating, only do one or the other. Quickplay against random players is even more frustrating. Players select their "Preferred Rules," for instance 1v1-No items, but it doesn't mean that nintendo switch smash bundle will match you with someone with those same rules. Queuing is a total gamble, nintendo switch pro controller and the occasional lag-spike doesn't help. The biggest new addition to the game is perhaps its strangest: Spirits. There are over 700 of these figures, and each provides stat boosts and other changes to the player's character in matches. At default, they are set off, but they could cause some interesting mix-ups when used in a 4-player brawl. Their main use is for the Adventure mode: "World of Light." This RPG-influenced mode sees the player travel around a large map, defeating different characters and "freeing" as may Spirits as they can. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lives up to its name and has almost everything: all the fighters, all the music, all the stages. It has Spirits, if players decide to care about this new addition, but we'd trade it for a modern online multiplayer infrastructure. There has never been a better game to play with friends on the Switch. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might just be among the best games to play with friends, period. More: Super Smash Bros. 59.99. The Super Smash Bros.

This is an off-topic post. Aside from being a huge fan of AR technology, I am a gamer at heart. A few years back I bought the PlayStation 4 so I can play games in my free time. However, my passion was for Nintendo games. I actually wanted the Wii U, but because it wasn’t available in my area, I’ve bought the PS4. I remember wanting to play Super Smash Bros. A few days ago, I’ve sold some of the PS4 games and other things and bought the Nintendo Switch console, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, affordable MSI gaming headphones, and the Nintendo Pro Controller. Please note that I am evaluating the game without the online feature, which I yet to try out. I will update this review once I try it. It’s worth mentioning, that although I was a fan of Nintendo games and was excited of Nintendo introducing a mobile console, it’s the first Nintendo console I ever owned and I never played a Nintendo game in my life.