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SHOUTcast radio is a streaming audio remedy which permits anyone to broadcast audio to listeners throughout the web. You generally become your own radio terminal, yet as opposed to relaying via radio waves, you transmit via the net. Your listeners can tune in via any type of supported media player, such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer, etc. You could additionally get a free shoutcast flash player for your web site. SHOUTcast is software program that is made and had by AOL. shoutcast-tools. com or AOL doesn't offer shoutcast holding directly and that is where we are available in, learn more.

Why use SHOUTcast?
The main reason why people choose SHOUTcast is because you obtain provided on shoutcast-tools. com. As soon as you start streaming, either live or with auto dj, you will get listed on shoutcast-tools. com within HALF AN HOUR. When detailed on shoutcast-tools. com listeners will certainly be able to discover your station and also tune in. Audiences can look by your stream name or the title of the track your presently playing. They can also locate you by the category your streaming under. The more listeners you have the higher in the positions you will go.

Just What is SHOUTcast Hosting?
SHOUTcast Hosting is a service where you send your SHOUTcast program with a company like us and also any kind of listeners that listen will certainly utilize our transmission capacity instead of your own. We will disperse your shoutcast stream to your audiences threw the net, anywhere world vast where there is a web connection. Your audiences could tune in through any type of supported media player, such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer. Listen links are supplied in the SHOUTcast control panel Centova Cast. You can additionally get a free shoutcast flash player for your web site. Most packages come with endless transmission capacity and you will only be limited on the amount of audiences that can tune in at the very same time. We offer a 99.9% uptime warranty, We are so certain in our capacity to supply terrific service that a free month will be provided for any downtime - Discover more

Why can't I just host SHOUTcast on my own internet link, why do I need you?

Right here are several of the selections you have if you intend to organize your very own shoutcast radio terminal from your residence or company. Depending where you live most cable ISP only allow 2 mbps upload for $100 a month, (Max audiences is only 15 listened @ 128 kbps). You could get up to 10 mbps upload from a cable service provider for around $200 a month, (Max listeners is 78 tuned in @ 128 kbps). You can obtain a T-1 with 1.5 mbps upload for $350 a month, (Max audiences is only 11 tuned in @ 128 kbps). A bonded T-1 with 10 mbps upload for $850 a month,(Max audiences is 78 listened @ 128 kbps). DSL/ FIOS/ U-Verse they only give you 256 kbps publish to 1mbps. If you plan on having a 128 kbps stream with 10 audiences listened at the very same time you will require at the very least a 1.28 mbps submit to handle it. Does that make good sense to have a T-1 for $350 a month, when we will only charge you $20 a month for a 128 kbps - 100 audience strategy. With 10 mbps you can only get on 78 audiences on before it will begin buffing at 128 kbps. This is where we are available in, Each web server we have has either a 100mbps to 1,000 mbps upload. A lot of transmission capacity to take care of any dimension shoutcast radio terminal. We use 11 different datacenters with 80+ committed servers. BassDrive.Com is among our customers, they get over 1,000 individuals on at the very same time at 128 kbps, that takes a 128 mbps link (41.47 TB a month), visit here.