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Now that spring is finally here, it is time to do some lightening, brightening and cleaning. As a responsible mother-to-be, during your nine months of pregnancy, you will find yourself giving serious consideration to the types of food that you are eating, and rightly so. You will be aware that a good knowledge of the best foods to eat when pregnant leads to the best chance of delivering a healthy bouncing baby.

3.牋?LED Color Temperature?Color temperature is a measure of the color appearance of a light source which helps describe the apparent 搘armth?(reddish) or 揷oolness?(bluish) of that light.?Light sources below 3200 Kelvin (3200K) are considered to be 搘arm;?while those above 4000K are considered to be 揷ool?light sources.?For comparison, a traditional household incandescent light bulb is 2800K.?The color temperature of a light source is not related to how hot the light source will get or how much heat is given off by the light.?White LEDs vary in color temperature.?Some white LEDs can be as 搘arm?in appearance as 2600K but most white LEDs are slightly 揷ool?in appearance.?This is because most white LEDs are created by putting yellow phosphors over blue LEDs

>Not only does tourmaline appear in almost every color of the rainbow, but a single crystal might be half one color and half another or show three different colors resembling a candy profusion of colors is due to a complex chemical composition, including perhaps a greater variety of chemical elements than any other most valuable colors are a clear ruby red and a bright sapphire blue.Tourmaline is very common in pegmatites, where it sometimes occurs in crystals of enormous size

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>With Spearmint teas, recent studies have found that drinking two cups a day can help with Hirsutism - this condition in women, where hair grows in areas such as the face, stomach and chest is thought to be caused by too many androgens (male hormones such as freely circulating testosterone)

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