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A lot of the fandom actually reinforces this negative image of one of 's oldest and most dedicated members! Despite being sort of a pompous jerk, Nico's arguably the most fun character in Love Live! she's the Dunning Kruger Efffect in the form of an anime character, an obsessive idol nerd who's convinced she's going to be a huge star. Her raw musical talent is actually middling, though, and she considers her weirdly childlike features and image to be a drag on her 'career.' Still, Nico's spent more time than anyone else in the group studying stagecraft and performance, and is part of the engine that drives 's.Every other member of the group also has some deeper angle to their personality it keeps them from feeling boring and one note. The appeal is only bolstered by the excellent character artwork, which has evolved in some interesting ways over the course of the franchise.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Facebook twitter google+ emailWe bring you just a handful of the best features from Auto Express in 2014 At Auto Express, we always bring you the latest drives, reviews and news from the motor industry; but we also like to bring you a different take on the world of motoring with our fantastic feature articles.Throughout the year we're out and about all over the world reporting on anything we think will interest you, our readers be it testing tractors, filling potholes, driving Porsches on ice or meeting the Dubai police fleet, we do it to ensure our magazine and website are packed with great content.It would be impossible to compile all of our features into a reasonable length page, so we've put together a list of some of our favourites from the past year. Just scroll down to read about them.Porsche 911 keeps its cool on the ice Image 1 of 19In March we celebrated the past, present and future of Skoda with a 40 page special on what has to be one of the biggest automotive success stories of the last 15 years. The real highlight was looking into the manufacturer's exciting future with an exclusive tour of the Vision C Concept with chief designer Jozef Kaban.Kaban talked us through how the company wanted to complement its value led cars. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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