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The best mannequins that add value to photoshop ghost mannequin service are those that look like real models and possess a static pose. The model should also compose of minimal styling. For instance, long hair shall be tied up to avoid any sort of obstruction in the viewing of the product. These details make Photoshop service of ghost mannequins really easy.

Similarly, if you select a mannequin with or without arms, then ensure that the limbs can be taken out of the frame. It is better to use white matte mannequins in such cases as those are inclined to be non-reflective and blend well with white backgrounds. Apart from this, you should make sure that your product fits your mannequin by choosing the right size- one that fits the mannequin easily. More so, if your product has got sleeves, keep them hanging downwards so that the viewer is not able to see below them.

photoshop Ghost mannequin