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The New York Times recently posed a fascinating question: "How many Twittering politicians should it decide to use threaten national security? The question was posed in response to Congressman Peter Hoekstra's (R, MI) ongoing tweets about his delegation's stop by at Iraq. Hoekstra tweeted arrival times and itineraries, details which are said to be kept secret: "Moved into green zone by helicopter Iraqi flag now over palace. Headed to new US embassy Appears calmer less chaotic than previous here"
The US government discourages employees from publicly disclosing specifics of overseas trips to unsafe destinations, however, there is no official policy in position, according to Loren Dealy, press secretary for that Armed Services Committee.
Privacy and security issues have typically caused government institutions to restrict the usage of Twitter and social networking. Nevertheless, social media marketing usage by government employees is increasing. Plus, it is utilised by individuals, businesses, politicians, activists, criminals and terrorists. Because it can be used universally, social networking use has ramifications for US national security.
The US Army has identified Twitter being a potential tool for terrorists. A report through the 304th Military Intelligence Battalion says that:
Twitter has already been available by post...extremist ideologies and perspectives Terrorist utilization of Twitter could evolve with time to reflect tactics which might be already in activists Terrorists could theoretically use the US as an operational tool
Despite recognizing Twitter and social media usage being a potential threat, the Department of Defense has yet to develop a thorough social media plan. To that end, they've hired the National Defense University research team of Drapeau and Wells to analyze social networking tools and outline a framework for their use. Research professor Linton Wells says from the effort:
"We can't ignore [social media] if other nations are utilizing it, List With The Major Arms Industries By Our Nation both friends and svitlytsia.crimea.ua adversaries. If the government keeps not making use of these technologies, we'll gets behind and turn into unacquainted with stuff that may affect us."
Jack Holt, senior strategist for emerging media with the Department of Defense, will follow Wells. He says that failure to watch international dialogue on social websites sites can be risky:
"Not being involved [with social media marketing] is probably a better risk than anything you may encounter from being involved...playing public conversations and adjusting policies determined by what exactly is learned would prevent larger controversies and backlashes up against the United States."
The NDU research paper, entitled "Social Software and National Security: An Initial Net Assessment" divides government using of social media marketing into four categories:
Inward sharing (within departments) Outward Sharing (with other gov departments) Inbound sharing (input in the public sector) Outbound sharing (while using public sector as well as other nations)
The study implies that social software including Twitter can, if utilized properly, yield the next advantages:
Improve the understanding of how others are choosing places to waste time Unlock the self-organizing capabilities within gov departments Promote collaboration with groups beyond government Speed the decision-making process Increase adaptability
In addition, incorporating social software in the day-to-day work routine will slow up the probability from the US being shocked by a celebration or outmaneuvered with a foe. In all instances, the deployment of social software in the US government information stream will increase the government's ability to handle complex new challenges.

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