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In this 21st century that we are living in, our contemporary society is continuously developing. In comparison to even a bare decade ago, technological innovation and medical exploration has developed significantly. The lifesaving tools that is available in many leading countries at present supports the noteworthy advancement that we have made thus far. However, while it is crucial to commemorate these triumphs, it can't be disregarded that there is all the same so much to work on. There are many leading aid organizations out there presently that, while all have their own unique focus, are organised around three principal avenues – helping education and research, helping abolish poverty and helping to salvage the environment. Each is vitally important in their own right and the philanthropic aid committed to each one is necessary if we wish to carry on moving forward as a community. This report will explore these 3 strands in closer detail with some examples alongside them.

Research and education are two thriving markets in the UK that many young ones and teachers are fortunate enough to experience. Without these options, not only would people find it difficult to advance in a very career driven world but many of the health-related and technological breakthroughs that we have been so anxious for would not be possible. To guide our world, it demands educated and morally sound people who are aware of the issues we face and can apply their knowledge to fix them. Wafic Said, a successful businessman, was aware that a lot of countries do not grant many young children access to education and therefore established his own charity supporting those in Syria.

Regrettably, there is not enough concentration or energy put in to preserving the entire world. It is darkly ironic that problems like global warming and the removal of forests are at the back of people’s minds when compared with say generating money or beautifying oneself. Nonetheless, all of these other typical issues are nothing if we can’t save the one thing that makes everything else feasible – our world. Steve Trent is an individual who is totally aware of this demand and consequently set up a UK-based non-profit organisation working to defend the environment. Wanting to save the planet as a whole, his group is global and commonly embraces many daunting and remote countries in an effort to preserve the scenery and creatures there.

The concerns encompassing poverty and individuals in struggling conditions is present in every location. It can be very hard to eradicate completely because it is such a significant feat however any effort made to lessen it should be recognized. Many of us are lucky enough to grow up with roofs over our heads and meals on the table. Ralph da Costa Nunez is the chief executive of a charity which endeavours to combat the predominant issues of poverty and homelessness.