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Slimming down is a Journey That Starts With One Step

For most people, losing weight may be a lifelong battle. There are a lot of reasons for this. Occasionally people must take medication for another ailment or disorder which causes a rise in hunger. Or the medication may affect the individual's metabolism, slowing it down. These reasons can cause weight loss. Other people suffer from psychological issues with food which could make weight loss hopeless without counseling. All these people today turn to food for comfort or to fill an emotional void. In this case, eating is just a replacement for something different. Food can never fill this emptiness so the individual proceeds to eat in the hopes of filling this void. Both of these situations may lead to weight gain and even to obesity.

However, there are a number of simple things you can do to help with your weight loss. The first is to not diet. That is correct, do not diet! A diet is only a short-term process that's meant to get a rapid weight loss. However, this can not be sustained and following the diet is over, the individual generally increases back all of their weight and more! Instead of diet, you have to approach weight loss for a lifestyle shift. A lifestyle change suggests that this can be a long-term procedure which takes time to implement but will have past outcomes. I have two buddies who illustrate both points. The very first, we will call"Lily." Lily went to L.A. Weight reduction and paid her fees for the 12 week schedule. Great! But after she finished her three-week program, she didn't return. Slowly, the pounds came back and today, Lily is fatter than she was before she went on her diet. Contrast that with our following example. "Doug" was addicted to soda. He'd have one or two with lunch, one for an afternoon"pick-me-up", and one or two with dinner. (You are going to need a significant calculator to add up all those"empty" calories! ) ) Thus, to begin living a healthier life, Doug determined on a lifestyle change. He instead drinks unsweetened water and teas. After six months, Doug has dropped (and maintained that his weight loss) 50 pounds.

If your weigh benefit is due to medical reasons like drugs that boost hunger or decrease metabolism, then speak to your physician about it. There are dozens and dozens of new drugs that come to market annually and there could possibly be an alternative that doesn't have this undesirable side-effect. Or maybe, your physician might adjust the dose of your medication to help reduce these cravings for meals or reduction in metabolism.

So, as you may see, weight loss demands an entirely new mindset. If you require medication, speak with your doctor about changing or lowering your medication. Should you need to eliminate specific foods from your diet plan, pick one and start there. Just remember, the longest journey starts with one all day keto