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Classical writer Homer identified the islands as Elysium, a accepted spot where in actuality the righteous spent their afterlife. For many their storytelling, there is no tangible evidence that either the Phoenicians or Greeks ever landed in the Canaries. Its entirely possible, however, that early reconnaissance for the North African Atlantic shore by the Phoenicians and their successors, the Carthaginians, took at the least a peek during the easternmost islands associated with archipelago. Some historians believe a expedition that is phoenician on the islands into the 12th century BC, and that the Carthaginian Hanno switched up there in 470 BC.

The Roman that is expanding Empire Carthage within the 3rd Punic War in 146 BC, nevertheless the Romans look not to have been extremely keen to analyze the fabled islands, which they knew since the Insulae Fortunatae (Fortunate Isles). A century-and-a-half later on, right after the delivery of Christ, the Romans received vaguely dependable reports on them, penned by Pliny the Elder (AD 23–79) and in relation to accounts of a expedition carried out around 40 BC by Juba II, a customer king in Roman North Africa. In AD 150, Ptolemy fairly accurately found the islands’ position by having a small dead reckoning, tracing an imaginary meridian line marking the conclusion for the known globe through El Hierro.

The foundation for the islands’ first inhabitants is definitely a supply of mystery, with theories being volleyed about for many years but none accepted as definitive. Everyone else agrees that the Canary Islands had no indigenous population and that they’ve been inhabited since prior to the birth of Christ. So the social people living right here had to result from somewhere. However the relevant question had been, where?

The conquistadors that are spanish tales of Tinerfeños being high, blond and blue-eyed fostered numerous convoluted theories about how Celtic immigrants from mainland Iberia, possibly even regarding the Basques, somehow made their way to your island. More fancifully, some saw a drop of Nordic blood in them – did Norse raiding parties land right here in the 8th or 9th hundreds of years?
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The Red Cross cannot offer anything but relief in his view. “We cannot create jobs,” he says, “but it really is NGOs such as ours, Cáritas, along with the general public services that are social are acting such as for instance a buffer for society.” If the situation aggravate and more people into the islands fall victim to poverty, he warns, you will have turmoil that is social. “I can see how in some sectors,” he elaborates, “like big businesses therefore the bank operating system, some body often see ‘green shoots’, however it is not the case for the most popular individuals.”

The Red Cross has recently launched a three-year program entitled “Now More Than Ever” aimed at intensifying its assistance for the poor and for children in light of the deteriorating situation in the islands.
A bag of food isn't the solution

David Muñoz is president associated with the formal expert College of Social Workers into the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria province. As mind associated with the organization which represents 1,300 associated with the islands’ 3,000 social workers, Muñoz can be involved in regards to the adverse effects the mixed economic crisis and federal government cuts are having into the country’s welfare state. Based on him, Spain is experiencing a reversal with regards to the country’s hard-won welfare state system whereby rights and social justice are increasingly being handed back once again to charities, because had been the way it is in pre-constitutional Spain, over 35 years back.

The government is committing “austericide” on the people by depriving them of their basic rights in Muñoz’s view, rather than carefully setting budget priorities for the sake of austerity and cutting superfluous expenditures. “Cuts in health care, education and services that are social creating more dilemmas, while the numbers prove it.”