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With no real OTAs this season and a delayed start to training camp, this weekend's games 'll be really serious. The play will likely determine who starts who sits come Week 1 for this NFL flavor.

San Diego at Oakland - The chargers finally looked much like a contender - and website . dominate the Raiders. A loss at Oakland could placed both of them looking to find a Wild Card slot. Chargers 28-10.

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Jacksonville at Buffalo - The Bills are another "oh-so-close" downline. Jacksonville is coming off a big win and can even be waiting for a Monday night showdown with the Titans. The debts aren't quite there. Jaguars 24-19.

UPDATE** In the nightcap, online game was brimming with amazing plays, and obviously any good moment of panic when Baltimore running back Willis McGahee was hit hard and was injured, he stayed down for what seemed appearing a good 5-10 minutes. The trainers needed to cart him off the field, brilliant current status is unknown. The game would ultimately are a member of the Steelers, but both teams played really hard and it could have went either way. The Steelers will represent the AFC inside the Super Toilet. Final score 23-14.

Overall, the Browns chose more established players on defense you must some risks on the offensive players they some. It's a strategy may play out well for your Browns in the event the NFL solves its labor troubles and allows these players in camp. Without practice time, they'll find it difficult to adapt for you to some revamped Browns offense AND defense.

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