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No Credit Card, Bank-account or ID needed.

Their objective would be to have 1 billion users by 2008 and at the price the company keeps growing globally, they'll.

MobillCash has gained approval and support from over 100 Cellphone Phone Carriers like AT&T, Vodafone, Sprint/Nextel and Increase Mobile in fifteen nations and that list is growing daily.

Glyn Smith, CEO of MobillCash says, "After more than three years of programming, MobillCash ended up being acquiesced by great britain to meet the best requirements of safety and integrity available any place in the global world; and the U.K. recognizes MobillCash as being a Financial Transfer Service. This status places MobillCash in the same degree as Visa and MasterCard throughout Europe. MobillCash is the very first payment that is mobile internationally to reach this status."

The business has filed patents to safeguard their unique payment solution and recently received their patent pending designation that gives notice to all direct competitors as well as copycats from infringing on the unique way of conducting business.

MobillCash happens to be for sale in the usa and it is partnering with many international and successful professionals who've built successful businesses that are online. These executives are using MobillCash under their marketing wings and assisting their growth that is rapid around world. Their timing could not be better. The mobile payments industry is amongst the quickest growing market niches recognized throughout the world, and MobillCash solves a critical problem no other mobile payment solution does.
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Its plain to observe that electronic payment systems do have more advantages than conventional banking services. Let us see:

Saves on time

Money transfer in one account that is virtual another may just take a few minutes, whereas a wire or postal transfer may take lots of times. Besides, you have to spend some time and energy to go to the bank or post office and wait in line.

Settings costs

Regardless if you were ready to get a handle on his disbursements, it can take plenty of persistence to put in writing most of the costs, and this occupies a large area of the total amount. The virtual account comprises the history of all the transactions, including the store name and amount spent on the other hand. On top of that, you can check it whenever and anywhere you want. An electronic payment system works to your advantage in this case.

Reduced loss and theft risks

You'll not make the error of losing or leaving your wallet that is virtual behind and it can never ever be taken by robbers.