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(this is simply not a complete listing and your salon mistake codes can vary based on 12 months and product.)

Spot the similarities and differences in the requirements. Both use FLO,SN1,SN3 and ICE and so on, Differences feature, (----). Which means different facts amongst the two programs. You have to use the error codes for the controls system to truthfully identify the difficulty together with your salon.

Helps simply take a quick go through the FLO mistake code. Both manufacturers state FLO are caused once a pressure switch malfunctions or a flow change breakdowns. This could be the truth in many conditions, however, it is my event that the main reason for a spa showing the error code "FLO" is because of a dirty or worn out filter.

(Some suppliers try to narrow down the FLO error with various displays for the laws, i.e., a solid FLO or a pulsating FLO (FLO mistake blinks on / off).

Blinking FLO = Heater has been deactivated, pump was on and Flow / Pressure change is available. (this implies the machine finds the day spa have needed heating, the PC board has actually used capacity to the pump, it hasn't detected liquid stream. It deactivates the heater to prevent damage to the heater).

Strong FLO = push are down, flow or stress change is shut. (Meaning, the machine should not be detecting liquid circulation considering that the PC panel have not used capacity to the pump, however the stream pressure turn is claiming there clearly was liquids stream. The stream or pressure turn was caught into the shut position or shorted.)

A dirty or exhausted filtration causes several mistake requirements to be demonstrated. "OH" (over temperature) because liquid is certainly not move quickly adequate through the heater boat together with high limit detects also hot of water heat. "FLO" due to the fact filter will not allow enough drinking water via the heater boat to stimulate the stream or force turn. Strain must certanly be changed around yearly or bi-annually if you are using two different filter systems. Filters need rinsed thoroughly every month, and cleansed effectively every three months or more.
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