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To be honest, there are practically not many occasions for women to wear their fashionable head bonnets, like the Kentucky Derby. Yes, it's more like a fashion parade for hats, which the ladies choose to wear to look fashionable, sexy, stylish, or often out of the world. Since Kentucky Derby grabs global attention, therefore there is also bit of history and culture behind the hats.

This Halloween costume idea for triplets or threesomes allows the wearers to be incredibly creative with 1970s outfits for Jack, Janet and Crissy. I would suggest bell bottoms, a too-tight polo shirt and a brown wig for Jack, a black wig, tank top, and short shorts for Janet, and a similar outfit with a blonde wig, complete with pig tails, for Crissy. The Janet character should wear plenty of eye liner, and the Jack character might want to add some fake chest hair. The Crissy character could become "endowed" with a stuffed bra. This would be a super fun Halloween costume idea for triplets or three friends.

Decorations. If you have ever watched the Kentucky Derby you know that the Hat guide company come in all shapes and sizes from elegant and fancy wide-brimmed beauties all the way to outlandish sculptured racetracks-on-a-hat. Because Derby hats are so diverse, the decorations you supply your children with to make their own Derby hats can be diverse as well. Scrap fabric, sequins, cardstock, feathers, paint, ribbon, and any other scrap craft materials you happen to have around the house can be employed to make a creative Derby day hat.

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What interested me in the pads was the large plastic jug the pads came in. I had never in my life seen such a large jug of makeup removal pads. Usually the jugs are tiny and only come with itty pads for the eyes.

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