The New Beijing Airport Blurs The Lines Between Sci-fi And Reality

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If you thought spaceships were just in Sci-fi shows, this new Beijing airport might change your mind. Situated in the southern Daxing Region in Beijing, the new airport is the capital of China and has received a lot of public attention around cultural media.
Estimated to use by March 2019, the new Beijing airport aims at reducing traffic from the congested Beijing Capital International Airport, which can be located in the northeastern suburbs of the capital city.
Situated on the border between Daxing district and Langfang, a town in Hebei Province, this space-ship like framework advances around 313,000 square meters. Based on Xinhua, the official media organization in China, the terminals will include and hold a capacity of 620,000 flights annually along with as much as "100 million passengers and 4 million tonnes of cargo."
Curiously, this marks the airport as the second largest airport in phrases of passenger capacity.
Structure of the futuristic design roof structure has already began because December 2014 while the engineering tasks are expected to finish a few months before the operation tests, the Contractor Beijing Construction Engineering Group stated. The construction materials contain 52000 tons of steel while concrete addresses 1.6 million cubic yards of concrete.
"The project, that is being created at an projected price of 80 thousand yuan (12.3 billion US dollars), will undoubtedly be one of the world's greatest airports " The China Global Tv System (CGTN) reported.
Although the new Beijing airport is not completed yet, renderings and pictures of the futuristic-style Beijing airport have previously gone viral on social media pages, particularly Twitter.
While most everyone was very impressed with the structure and the aerial shots, the others have pointed out that these large resources must have now been applied to support the millions of Asian individuals who are under the poverty line.