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Since olden days men are carrying flasks, early flasks were made from pig stomachs, dried and hollowed fruit, or buff. They were crude and rarely had a uniformed size. It wasn't up until 18th century that it appeared the actual form that i today recognize as a hip flask. Essential flasks we made of silver or pewter. It was believed that silver this enhanced accustomed to of the alcohol from its purifying effects. Enough time that weren't able to afford silver flasks carried those associated with pewter. These low grade pewter flasks tended to buy a bluish tint because of the lead in that contained. Such a of flask leeched lead into the alcohol resulting in brain pathologies.

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Cuff links are perfect groomsmen gifts and you want fancy, or subdued models. Rhinestone cuff links will really impress, while brushed metal create a more subtle gesture. They can be paired together with the groomsmen flasks too.

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