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Yeah I know…when you lunge to Brazil you shouldn't recede with your gf, what's the point? Rio is negate of steamy, stellar beach chicks who'll boink your brains out. But we were sizzling for each other and figured we'd disappear there, suspend out, linger on the beach, and basically wreck 24/7, or 'ream our glamour life.' My gf's unusual and experimental so I figured we might even disappear for a three device. These things were just…I precise didn't gaze how our 'glamour life' would 'splay' or exactly what kind of a 3some we were in for! But I don't want to find ahead of myself.highly first of [ - all, about us. We're a typical uhmm…'steaming' school duo. Last yr we were both 20 when this happened. She's a smoking five'7 with a hard, unmanly bod, extraordinary flesh, fantastic donk, and a helpful size C that looks supreme on her. With filthy-platinum-blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tummy button ring, she concludes the image of 'steaming school stunner' and I considered myself fortunate to gain her, the envy of every stud we encountered. Not that I'm sad myself! I stand about five'ten, sloppy light-haired hair, a ultra-cute boyish face (at least that's what she/other women repeat me) and a adorable, taut assets that I got from running, working out, and most Important, being on the diving crew at my college. I usually absorb a sunburn too, [ catwoman porn - which doesn't wound with the women. Anyway we distinct to disappear to Rio over winter fracture. I won't nerd you with the details. We had a pretty time on the beach, ambling around, going out to nightclubs, attempting the local food, checking out all the scorching mexican damsels tanning without a top at the beach, going to the beach some more, you get the notion. After several days we were both working on our tans and she looked boinking sizzling! I had to protect her from a number of advances… not unprejudiced locals but also importunate tourists, drunks, whatever. Wasn't too firm I'm a stunning raunchy man, been in bunch struggles. And, oh yes, we spent the whole night porking each others' brains out, frequently well into the morning and occasionally afternoon. A supreme time!One day tho I distinct to leave her at the beach on Ipanema, with a French nymph we had encountered and become pals with. I bask in my girlfriend, but frankly, I always [ - need some time for myself, and I wished to check things out on my fill for a while. I ambled around the beach for a while, had a beer with 2 Australian fellows and checked out all the scorching-culo nymphs ambling by, went into a videogame arcade, and then I ambled into a fluid stand throughout from the room we had rented. I didn't want to linger in a motel because I desired more privacy and it was better anyway. I ordered some sweet unknown-fruit medley and absentmindedly observed a soccer game on TV until several minutes afterwards I looked sustain in the direction of the stand. I was left sort of speechless…several soles in front of me a boy was having some kind of mayo. Now I'm not fag or anything and had never done anything with another fellow, but something about him left me fearful. He was around my height but crammed a pile more muscle.