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Wow! Acquired blindsided in the past. I finished at 6-8 - a mixture of risky picks on my part and "sure things" that fell through did me here in. But, as a semi-adult I should take responsibility and suck upward. Maybe this week I'll take a few less risks.nah, where's the fun in that.

With the NFL free agency period off and running, the San Diego chargers made another key addition in the last weekend by adding receiver and punt returner Eddie Royal to the combo.

Either way, the Browns acquired a force on the defensive line that in order to be stopping the run and drawing double-teams. Taylor's size (6'3", 334 lbs) can help him bowl over any undersized offensive lineman however the Browns are hoping he's done gaining weight. The double-teams he'll draw should unencumber the defensive ends to rush the quarterback. It is not a glamorous pick it really is one the Browns in order to make.

Atlanta at Cleveland - Atlanta needed a eleventh hour screw-up with the 'Niners to overpower their New Orleans hangover. The Browns broke through after several close contact. If this were in November I'll go one other way. Falcons 31-17.

- Indianapolis. Another ho-hum win by Indy at home-based. The way Peyton Manning and the offense control the ball, the clock and recreation is a clinic for many of the other NFL teams (other than New England) to go to on an every week basis. Oh, Addai and Harrison didn't play either one. That's scary. The bye week comes during a perfect time for they to improve your health before heading to Jacksonville - always a physical game. Suggest reason they #2 from the NFL Power Rankings happens because the Patriots are blowing everyone out right these days.

Carolina would have to travel to New England this week. The Patriots are 6-0 house. The Patriots ability to force turnovers could give Jake Delhomme as well as the Panthers havoc. Can the Carolina rushing game exploit brand new England Patriots mediocre shelter? The Panthers also match-up their 5th ranked pass defense with the Patriots 2nd ranked pass offense.

There are increasingly emergency car wireless charger phone chargers on offer at certain stores. They are designed to charge your cell phone quickly so you can apply it again. In order to designed for starters time use then disposed of. Again, check even worse sure this type of charger is best with your phone before you use it. An individual use the guidelines outlined above to make sure of your cell phone battery you more than likely wont have to worry about buying this guidance.