Sex Positions - Tips for Couples

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Many couples become quite unadventurous in their sex life as their relationship matures. This is a shame, because the key to ensuring you sex life remains active and healthy is to introduce some variety. The Kama Sutra and other sex 'manuals' have anal porn 2018 popularised the idea of different sex positions, but many people are daunted about trying something new. Here are some tips to make sex positions more enjoyable and more varied:A variation on the well-known missionary position is for the woman to lie on her back with the man lying beside her facing her. He then enters her with their legs entwined. This has the great advantage of allowing the man to lie down if is not feeling too full of energy while still entering the woman from a very pleasurable angle. It also allows room for the man (or woman) to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. The couple can still maintain eye contact and physical closeness. If the man is much heavier than the woman this can also be a lot more pleasant for the woman. In the doggy position (where the woman is kneeling while the man enters from behind), the pleasure for the man can be greatly enhanced if the woman reaches underneath to stroke his testicles. The man can also lean over and play with the woman's breasts. The man can also use his hands to stimulate the woman's anal area, as well as her inner thighs and clitoris. So the key to doggy style is - use your hands! When the woman is lying on top of the man, a lot of men get intense visual pleasure from the sight of the woman's breasts. If you are the woman, vary the angle of your chest to give different angles for visual and physical stimulation. Lean down and allow your breasts to lightly touch his chest. Lean back, and even sit upright so he can see and massage your breasts. He will love it! The man should use the opportunity to really explore the woman's body; don't forget her arms and buttocks, both very sensitive areas. If any position hurts or is in any way uncomfortable, stop. Always ensure you have sufficient lubrication, but if this is the case and it is still unpleasant it is probably due to the angle of penetration. Not every woman's vagina is exactly the same shape so don't feel bad to say so if hurts you.The three positions described above - missionary, doggy and woman on top - are the most popular for couples, and for a reason: they provide the most pleasure. Other 'exotic' positions may look good in photographs or porn films but they not be as easy to achieve as they look. However, just within the three main sex positions you can achieve a lot of variety through different angles. The key is to experiment. If it doesn't work well for you at least you can smile about it together. Experimenting and trying new things is all part of the fun.