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Learn How An Iphone Can Benefit You

Owning an iPhone is just not having a simple phone, but this is probably something you're already aware of. You know what you're looking for in a phone, and that's exactly why you purchased an iPhone. However, there are many secret tips for using the iPhone; do you know them all? The tips below can help you have fun and get better acquainted with your iPhone.

Are you completely overwhelmed by constant notifications received on your iPhone? Here is a tip on how to turn them off. Begin by selecting the settings button, then tap the notifications bar. Examine the apps listed in the heading and delete the ones you no longer use. Doing this will keep the life of your battery long.

When you need to perform a math function, use your iPhone's calculator. This calculator comes in standard form when you hold the phone vertically but turns into a very sleek scientific calculator when you move your phone in a horizontal position.

Did you ever miss your chance to take a great photo because it took too long to open your iPhone's camera? There's a faster way to take pictures. Make sure the device is locked and push the Home button two times. There should be a little icon for your camera along the screen bottom. Finally, just tap on the camera and your camera should work immediately for your use.

Most people know that you can set a reminder for a specific time using the iPhone, such as "Dentist at 4:30." However, are you aware that you can also set location-based reminders as well? For example, you might tell your phone to "Remind me to call Mom when I leave work." There are many reminders available with the iPhone.

For quick access to messages, fast wireless charger tag each email account in advance. This fabulous feature allows you to receive instant notification of your messages. You can tag just about any account to your iPhone.

Understanding iPhone shortcuts can make using text much more efficient. Double-tapping any word is something you are probably already familiar with and what it can do. However, that's just the start of it. This also works for entire paragraphs. To highlight the entire paragraph, simply tap it four times.

Be a faster texter by using this simple trick. When a suggested word pops up on the screen that you don't want, just tap on the screen and it will disappear. This is much easier than removing the word by tapping on the small "x" that follows it.

To save space, try not to store too many videos on your phone simultaneously. Once the video has ended, you will be given the option to remove it from the phone. Remove it to increase available space.

You should try not to save too many video files on your iPhone. Movies can be memory eaters; even a short one can take a gigabyte of space. If you have more than one on your phone it can cause websites to crash. Your apps will not be able to work properly if there is not enough storage space.

Your iPhone has many features, but are you taking advantage of its built-in dictionary? It's one feature often overlooked. This reference tool is available to you in most, if not all, apps. Simply press and hold a word and then choose "Define" when options pop up.

The default setting for your iPhone is to show previews of incoming text messages on your lock screen. You may like this feature, or you may hate it. If you are one that does not like that feature, you will be happy to learn that you can stop that feature from continuing. To disable this feature, open the message notifications under the Settings menu. Disable "Show Preview," which will allow you to get rid of this feature.

This article has provided you with information on your iPhone. Make sure you utilize the information here to get the best out of your iPhone.