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A month ago the San Diego Chargers were on life support sitting at 4-8 with virtually no chance of making the playoffs to your third consecutive year. What an improvement a month makes as the Bolts surged to the finish line capped off with a 52-21 home victory over the Denver Broncos to advance to your tournament. They are the first team to start 4-8 come up with the playoffs and also the only team since 1985 to win a division with a with.500 record. However, they are 3-7 against teams outside the AFC West enjoying a so they have a lot to prove after such an unsatisfactory start.

Philip Rivers - A lot wrote off Philip Rivers after two year period of poor play. However, the new chargers offense has Rivers rejuvinated the actual has seven touchdown passes in building traffic . two online casino games. Expect more from the same against Tennessee immediately.

Who is the AFC starting running back for this year's Pro Bowl roster? Chris Johnson of Tennessee can be a lock. Johnson is almost 500 yards ahead of 2nd place Maurice Jones-Drew(Jacksonville) in the total yardage racing. Johnson might also eclipse 2000 total yards if he continues on pace for the final two games. Jones-Drew should also be on the Pro Bowl roster after exploding well over 1200 yards and 15 touchdowns. Who might deserve it and be left the 2010 Pro Bowl List? Ray Rice of Baltimore is second to Johnson is yards per carry at 5.4.

Wright's character issues aside, wireless charging station he is actually definitely an outstanding athlete and known as one belonging to the best defensive backs in this year's lesson. Anybody who watched Cleveland Browns football not too long ago knows this kind of is a team in desperate necessity of help the particular secondary. A person with the talent of Eric Wright was essential.

Number 41 on the NFL Network's "Top 100" is Rod Woodson. Woodson is well-known currently as being a regular on his or her NFL Group. There is a lot about Woodson Some know. I was surprised notice in the film clips that help it vital taunt. Have a tendency to takes away from a baseball player.

Nagy might want to be the quarterback belonging to the offensive carefully thread. He has gotten a regarding reps recently in practice so great. He seems to have the confidence of head coach Jason Garrett.

Overall, the Browns chose more established players on defense using some risks on the offensive players they selected. It's a strategy which play out well for the Browns if your NFL solves its labor troubles and allows these players in camp. Without practice time, they'll find it hard to adapt with a revamped Browns offense AND defense.