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This is a very cute Romantic evening craft project that you may make with your children. The valentine pot craft is may be to include a valentine to parents, relatives and school teachers. There is a lot of room for self expression with this Valentine's Day craft that means it is all slightly more appealing and enjoyable to perform.

If girliness is more your thing, Frugal Family Fun Blog has this fashionable, adorable tutorial to make a case out of craft foam, duct tape, & bows.

You know that white garland that simply because they use for Christmas forests? It's perfect for other occasions, simply too. Purchase a white Styrofoam ring and stand it upright to where the hole passes from front to back. Place two metal rods your past bottom of the wreath so that will stand upright at the memorial internet site. Wrap the white garland round and round the ring until it is very covered. Glue on several flat, square magnets or several button magnets. Now you can get new memorial whenever you like.

How about polka spots? If you would like to add polka dots to your valentine pots simply choose a colour and dip the eraser end of good deal pencil with it. Then dot the paint to your pot. It's likely that your polka dots will require more paint to be full. To make this happen take a small paint brush and dap a a lot more paint onto each dot to complete it.

Apply patriotic stickers in desired pattern to the skin surface for the glass jelly jar. Encourage child end up being creative and even distribute stickers evenly around the surface among the jar. Just for a personal touch, use alphabet stickers to go into detail "Happy Fourth of July," or earlier and/or last name of the recipient.

I as a rule buy my supplies (if I'm only looking to spend $20 or so) in that adorable little shop called Sarasota wall art decals & Picture frame. I love love love SRQA&F. I think it's their close proximity to Ringling College of Art & Design that keeps their prices more affordable. When you have about 3,000 art students down the road, you can assume the demand for your service is usually consistent. Workers there is mostly Ringling students, and they're always content to assist your own family answer really random wonders.

The shelves take just a few minutes various other and is capable of holding any involving your favorite nautical techniques. Use them to display small statuettes, shells, candles, lighthouses and even picture frames. You'll absolutely love it!