Manufacturers Bored Chinese Appliance Stores Revival

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The past year, Dell opened uncharacteristically to 1,800 stores, a store electrical industry comeback in miniature. Penetration in the electrical companies, while large cities,

Mobile Store selected "Rooted" Rural market strategy.

"Dell from 5? A starting force, and now the dealer has blossom everywhere." Liu said. He shops in Zhongguancun E has been operating the world's more than 4 years, from a Dell to do service for the downstream development of small companies have a fixed customer resources, in the face corporate clients, only high-end business models of Dell exclusive stores business.

"We have our own sales channels, 4-year accumulated enough resources to support customers running the company, most of the newly opened franchise stores only sell home Dell models, and we have no direct conflict, we are not afraid of competition. Dell shop more The higher the brand influence, we are beneficiaries. "Liu said.

Has entered the States United States

Suning Chain of retail channels such as Dell, currently in China, more than 100 stores from a year ago, the development of the 1800, by the end of 2008 its goal is to reach 3000. If you adored this article and you would like to obtain more information concerning เสาเข็มเจาะ kindly go to the web site. The network of direct sales to the PC for the past killer integrator changed their attitude to physical shops set to regain the market share of notebook computers new method.

Recently appliance manufacturers keen to shops more than a Dell, although Gome, Suning Appliance has become a major force in the retail channel, but Haier, Midea and other manufacturers have begun to have own store, or even directly open in the Great store next.

When Gome, Suning will in the secondary market, "monopolized by" the time by the appliance manufacturers accelerate the pace of opening stores, manufacturers seem to have self-built channel comeback momentum. Gree store double the number in 2007, 2008, has grown to 7,000; beauty shop in 2008 has grown to more than 5,000.

In addition, the company with three, four channels of the laying of the market focus for the self same time, increased the secondary market penetration. Haier Group's indirect holding daily Shun Electric chain focus on expanding the three, four markets. Shun day in Shandong, Henan, Fujian and other places of stores is over 1000, Haier Electrical Appliances in three, four of the market of sales are conducted through the day smoothly.

Beauty in the country three or four stores in 2008, the market has reached around 3000; only in the secondary market, Fuzhou, Haier, Midea's store on the 9 and respectively 21 and 2008 are expected to exceed 30 years, foreign brand Matsushita also has 9 stores.

It is noteworthy that the main product store manufacturers focused on

Air conditioning , Refrigerators and other large home appliances and all kinds of kitchen products, such as Midea, Gree and other shops are air-conditioned based products,

Glanz Microwave oven in 2008 to open 800 flagship stores, 3,000 stores image.

As a good general agreement has been suppressed for a long time in the home appliance giant chain vendors up in arms.

Fight with supermarkets price fight Service

"Store with the benefits of shops, big chain is not perfect, that some large supermarkets and convenience stores, similar to comparisons between." Well-known home appliance Liu Buchen, said commentators.

As air conditioning, kitchen and other large home appliances to go through a professional selection, design and installation services, such stores can provide better professional services; with the hot real estate, store set up in new district, can provide customers with "one to one" service. Also, shop on price space flexible, more suited to such industries as real estate developers, trading volume users a unified installation.

Stores rise and air-conditioning, kitchen and other attributes of the product, such as air conditioner due to seasonal weather, demand uncertainty large.