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Scientific Survey Reveals Strong Support For Medical Marijuana

A study from the New England Journal of Medicine in 2013, recently unearthed this month revealed that some 76% of physicians polled in a nationwide survey support medical marijuana and would prescribe legalized cannabis to patients who would benefit from its effects, were pro-cannabis laws passed in their state. Added to the fact that 61% of Americans in 2015 strongly support medical marijuana, it seems that the tide of public opinion that once stood so strongly against the drug is now irreversibly positive. Even in 2013, the results surprised researchers. “We were surprised by the outcome of polling and comments,” said the team. “76% of all votes in favor for the use of marijuana for medical purposes is significant—marijuana use is illegal in most countries”. The study was broad, encompassing: • 1,446 doctors • 72 different countries • 56 states and provinces in North America It’s not surprising that physicians would support the legalization and prescription of medical medicine: countless studies have shown that it is beneficial for pain relief, mood enhancement and even increased appetites in patients. Despite the growing public and industry positivity, the FDA continue to insist the evidence is not strong enough for approval at a federal level, leaving cannabis in an awkward place between legal and illegal states, with grey laws filling the gaps between the two. MEDICAL-CANNABIS MEDICAL-CANNABIS MEDICAL-MARIJUANA Despite this minor road bump, investors continue to watch the market growth centering around marijuana, which shows no sign of abating—in 2014, the market grew by a staggering 64 per cent to $2.34 billion: this figure includes not just cannabis providers, but also auxiliary industries that aid these growers. There’s little doubt that it’s a sound investment, but some investors are still too cautious to fully jump in. The survey however, proves that those who know best—doctors—are increasingly supportive of the legalization of the industry. Doctors in 19 legal states are already prescribing medicine—the law permits possession in these states only with a prescription—and the results so far are positive. In some other states, including Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Colorado, the state laws have gone one step further, legalizing pot for recreational use, although Doctors can still prescribe medical marijuana for patients who will benefit from the cannabis plant’s curative and restorative properties. For more information about the survey and links to the survey and doctor’s opinions on the benefits of marijuana, visit Intellihub.