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Fast results and painless. Pricewise, at €150 a go, JetPeel is expensive, and with added IPL at €200, it's even dearer. Then the oxygen is released with the pressure of 0.2 mpa through a special way to spray evenly in the treatment area which offer effective and safe oxygen therapy. The jet-stream of micro-droplets aim to gently and painlessly cleanse and exfoliate the skin, resulting in skin rejuvenation.

It is also very useful with blackheads, acne and other skin breakouts, clearing them quickly and painlessly. The Jet Peel leaves your skin with a lasting glow and the results are nothing short of remarkable. The Jet Peel is an all-natural, virtually painless skin treatment procedure that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin.

Refined pores, skin tone & skin texture. It is worth noting that the results from the jet peel are not as dramatic as a chemical peel or laser resurfacing because it is a natural and much lighter option. I've been having this medical jet peel that is just with water and salt, so it's just amazing," she said.

Jet Peel is a new cosmetic system formulated to treat skin conditions such as age spots, sun damage, clogged pores, and wrinkles. After a treatment you skin is deeply hydrated, soft and has even tones. Through the pressure lymph drainage helps to detox the skin, dead skin cells will be removed with the usage of glycol acid.

With a Jet Peel treatment, you have no down time", very little, if any, redness of the skin. No. The JetPeel is a unique treatment as it peels your skin superficially. Glycolic acid with vitamins and aloe vera are infused deep into the skin for a gentle but effective peel, without the typical post-peel scaling.

Hence this is a very effective acne treatment for patients have a acne breakout. A Jet Peel is painless and can be done in the doctor's office in under an hour. Jet Peel has been providing amazing results through it's deep cleansing power that is capable of removing years of debris build-up in your face, neck, back, and virtually anywhere else on the body.

It pressure washes, unclogs pores, enhances microcirculation while vitamins stimulate collagen production and skin tightening. It can be combined with filling injections, with mimic wrinkle smoothing treatments, with deep or medium peeling and even with flash light treatments for acne and old acne scars.

The cosmetician will base his assessment on this final picture and give you a detailed report regarding the conditions of your skin in terms of spots, pores wrinkles, bacteria level and so on. As is the case with any treatment, you will undergo a conventional wash and scrub, followed usually by microdermabrasion.

Jet Peeling is the most advanced technology using oxygen and vitamin infused saline at the very high speeds to restore vital nutrients and plump up dehydrated cells. Skin Inspiration uses both Echo 2 Oxygen & Intraceuticals O2 treatments to provide extra support with oxygen for the skin.

JET-Skin Transformation is the only comprehensive face and body skin-rejuvenation treatment to clean natural skin debris, gently exfoliate damaged skin cells, extract skin impurities, infuse bioactive skin & hair nutrients and tone the skin through fibroblast (rejuvenating cells) activation.

The Jet Peel at Infuse Skin and Body is an hydra exfoliation that utilizes sterile saline solution at supersonic speed to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. With evolving technology, facial peels are now quick, simple, and (dare we say it) even relaxing.