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"It's been exciting, especially in the beginning, hearing the first vibrations from the lander," Constantinos Charalambous, an InSight science team member at Imperial College London, said in the post. "You're imagining what's really happening on Mars as InSight sits on the open landscape." I often find the best tools for the job are your bare hands. Don't be afraid to dive in and dig out debris with your fingers too. If your vacuum came with a cleaning tool in the box, use it to make quick work of any coiled strands you find.

See at Amazon Ourry, $22 Amazon Most water bottle-type portable humidifiers work by having a water bottle screwed into the device. If you have any questions pertaining to where and exactly how to use what is pex water line, you can call us at our web-site. The humidifier, which looks like a wand, can be dropped into any container of water, including a cup or bottle. The benefit here is that the unit could mist for a pretty long time, depending on how large your container is. Hario ceramic coffee dripper Amazon This Japanese pour over dripper can be used with your mug for a single serving or placed above a large carafe for a big batch of several mugs coffee if you've got company (or it's just one of those mornings).

Take all the guesswork out of a perfectly crafted cup of delicious coffee -- this machine heats, times and pours the water for you so that you get the pour over flavor complexity without risking a case of barista elbow. Breville precision brewer Amazon If you're really in the mood to treat yourself, this automatic pour-over coffee maker will do the trick. It certainly isn't something that anyone needs, but it might make a decent gift for a friend who's picky about filtered water.

In practice, it isn't all that precise, and more than anything seems designed to get people to buy new filters more often than they would out of habit alone. In theory, it's a useful bit of automation -- especially if you already buy replacement filters on the regular. Brita's smart pitcher is $20 more than an identical Brita pitcher with no smarts to speak of, so the question here is whether or not that Amazon Dash integration is worth the extra 20 bucks.