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- complete a written risk evaluation for workplace physical violence;
- prepare a written workplace violence and harassment policy; and
- develop programs and procedures to implement the policy.

An evaluation must be included by the risk assessment of a employee's personal protection through the length of his / her work with or beyond your manager's premises.

Employers who're conscious or ought reasonably to be familiar with a scenario of domestic physical violence are required to take every precaution that is reasonable protect their staff from this in the workplace.

The policy and procedures need to do the following:

- control the risk of violence and harassment as identified by the evaluation;
- enable employees to obtain crisis assistance in the case of genuine violence, its risk or hazard, and to report physical violence and harassment towards the company;
- set out something of how an manager will investigate complaints from their employees;
- cope with training employees to ensure policy compliance within the workplace.
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We all know that bullying and harassment, in every facet of life, is unsatisfactory and yet we have all heard instances of it occurring, whether in the college playground, in your home or within the workplace. Somebody who will be bullied or harassed will feel stressed and anxious, their self-confidence amounts are impacted, they may start to isolate themselves from other people and their home and work life may turn to suffer. Within the workplace, anyone being bullied may turn taking a large amount of time off work, may no longer be able to maintain deadlines and could not be able to maintain good relations making use of their colleagues.

How to proceed if you are an employee being bullied

If you are experiencing bullying or harassment into the workplace it's a good notion to try and resolve the problem informally in the first instance by talking to your peers and boss. However, then the next step would be to make a formal complaint and follow your employer's grievance procedure if this does not resolve the problem. If a worker is forced to resign because of bullying they might manage to claim for constructive dismissal.

What to do if you are a company.

Companies have a responsibility of care to workers to make certain their safety and health into the workplace and also this includes working with bullying and harassment. Bullying and harassment may have an incredibly harmful influence on the target's health. The manager must take reasonable steps to stop the bullying and harassment from continuing. It is really within the employer's interest to prevent any bullying and/or harassment into the workplace since, as well as being unlawful and immoral, it may have harmful influence on staff morale and production, which often may influence the general running associated with the business. Employers must ensure it clear that bullying and harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace and will be taken extremely seriously that they have a bullying and harassment policy in place and make.