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But you know that your checking account does not have sufficient funds. The check you issued will be due the next day. Staring at the family heirloom, you know that you cannot bear to pawn it. Closing your eyes won’t help and you know all about NSF fees that will be charged the bank.

Advanced Business Capital provides Working Capital for Small Business as well as Large Businesses. Our Asset-Based loan program allows companies that are highly leveraged and, undercapitalized, to tap funds already tied up in company assets- funds that can be used to achieve greater growth and profitability. We can help business owners obtain working capital by using the customers existing assets to secure funding.

We have already helped many merchants across the country just like you. We want to put working capital in your hands without the hassle. We say "Yes" when others say "NO! We understand that many great companies find it difficult to acquire working capital through traditional business loans due to many reasons. We can provide from $50,000 - $2,000,000 based on the value of the companies assets!

That is, you are not going to be fired or laid off before the next payday. To obtain a faxless payday loan, all you need to do is to fill out an application online. The lender also will phone your place of employment to verify if you have a secure job. Your application will be reviewed and then you will get a call from a representative of the payday loan lender.

But you are too familiar with Shakespeare’s words: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend …" Borrowing money from friends and family may cause various issues and problems. Perhaps one of your friends can help? Besides, with the current economic crisis, no one really has extra cash.

There will be no credit checks. You also need not place your home, car or any valuable item as collateral. This is because the loan is taken against your salary or pay. Your credit history nor your credit score will not be examined.

This short term loan can also help a person in many financial emergencies, such as a loved one rushed to a hospital or credit card debt payments that levy high interests. There is one option left to you, a faxless payday loan.

A faxless payday loan is different from other payday loans because it does not require the borrower to fax copies of documents such as the driver’s license or the Social Security Number. It can also help a person when he needs extra cash for a family outing or an occasion that must be celebrated.

And it will be available to you the next day. But it is best that you borrow an amount that can be covered by your next pay. This is because the money you will borrow from the payday loan lender will be wired directly into your checking account overnight. The faxless payday loan can rescue you when you need money the next day. The amounts you may borrow may range from $200 to $1,000.