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The tournament that decides which teams will meet in Miami for SuperBowl XLI has begun. Unlike the NFC, the American Football Conference is packed with strong contenders. Which teams will advance week-by-week and which teams get eliminated? And which team will represent the AFC in Miami on February 4th in SuperBowl XLI? Here are my predictions.

The best Wii accessories are and the wonderful that give you a assist you to would not get other way. My personal favorite Wii accessory will be the remote charging station. All of these little docks to put your controllers in consequently they charge a battery, so you won't to be able to replace your AAs constantly. There are different models from dual chargers to special quad chargers it's totally use to always play in your own family and fast wireless charger friends!

Gifts for Frugality. These a subscription to Dave Ramsey's My Total Money Makeover or tickets 1 of his shows. During holidays (Thanksgiving), Dave sells his bestselling books you can find. Buy some cookbooks for an individual who eats out a lot and wants to save . Give them cooking lessons or coupons for to be able to teach them cooking. These some used or new books on financial management or self-improvement. Book suggestions would be "The Total Money Makeover", "The Millionare Next Door", and "The Complete Tightwad Gazette". Buy board games, outdoor gear/toys, playing cards and a Hoyle card rules book and help them learn the old "real" texas holdem.

Redskins over Denver: Yeah, I know . (there's a associated with those this week). The Skins are terrible however the Broncos are starting to seem to be the team we thought they may.

Denver at Baltimore - Will the Ravens possess a let down after their big victory over the Steelers? Might. I know their pass defense will be tested on Orton and Co. If Knowshon has returned and the Broncos get yourself a ground game going.Denver 24-14.

New England over Indy: This tends a matchup of two division winners so not difficult doesn't matter in the context of having a wild card race. The Texans are unlikely to catch either of your teams.

Prediction: They may be favored in this game but it is a great match up for San diego, ca. Both teams are as hot as anyone in the league as well as the Chargers are usually in a playoff setting for that month. The scoreboard should light up like a pinball machine in occasion with Indy winning on the last second field goal for final score of 34-31.