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The NFPA (National Fire Prevention Agency) tells us that begin will experience three usually unreported fires per decade, and two fires serious enough to report for the fire department per permanent. If they missed it by 50%, that still leaves one fire per decade some thing serious enough to story. The following checklist are things to take into account to you could home more safe from the inevitability of fire.

Philadelphia over San Diego: I may pull a Pedro Cerrano and light some incense and candles for meal contains. Texans fans should be pulling hard for the Eagles. Nevertheless the chargers are hot and they smell Bronco blood each morning water.

The Bears pass defense and regarding a rushing game should affect the Bears capability to compete about the Packers. The Packers lead the league in turnover ratio. Yet it will help good thing for Jay Cutler. This can a major rivalry game, and the Bears in order to be ready for starters of their better performances of 12 months. I still like the Packers a new touchdown.

Atlanta at Cleveland - Atlanta needed a very last minute screw-up coming from the 'Niners to get rid of their New Orleans hangover. The Browns broke through after several close text message or calls. If this were in November I might go the additional way. Falcons 31-17.

Saving on Wrap. $2.3 Jillion money is spent each year on wrap and tags, all that get thrown out. Recycle paper bags and Sunday comics for wrapping, or constitution cloth gift bags several sizes from scraps or "buy the pound" clothing from yard or thrift sales. These bags can double as shopping bags and cleaning rags in a pinch. Buy the reusable shopping bags and put your gifts in these people. Pay a kid a nickel apiece to make it worse cute tags from construction paper and also stamps. Save a few large cardboard boxes from shipments or purchases and fill with crumpled newspaper or those annoying peanuts, then bury a small gift in it. Someone can make use of the large box to tote their loot home or recycle getting this done.

Jacksonville at Buffalo - The Bills are another "oh-so-close" team. Jacksonville is coming off a big win and could be waiting for a Monday night showdown with the Titans. The debts aren't quite there. Jaguars 24-19.

NY Jets at Minnesota - The "antique road show" returns.with a new use. "Ole" Bret has a new toy in "Not-quite-as-old" Randy Moss. The Jets D will have Favre on his backside all day, qi wireless charger pushing him one game closer to hanging them up. Jets 31-21.