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Why You Should Stay Away From The IPhone

iPhones are becoming more and more popular. The iPhone has changed the way we communicate. You may have just purchased an iPhone or are a veteran owner looking for new knowledge; rest assured, you can find tips and ideas here.

If you happen to be accident prone, make sure to purchase an iPhone case immediately. The reason is because if your phone is dropped without it being in a case, you will probably shatter it. No case is shatterproof, but they do increase the likelihood that you will save your phone if you drop it.

There is an easy way to close programs that are running in your iPhone's background. This you can swiftly accomplish after finding and tapping the home key. Find the app you need to close, and hold your finger on it. When it begins to shake, click on the red icon to shut down the app.

You can customize your iPhone's dictionary and create shortcuts to make texting faster. As you dictate or type, the dictionary will know what you are saying. You can add your own phrases or shortcuts to your iPhone as well. The keyboard can also auto-correct your typing when you type various phrases and words.

Use the iPhone Calendar feature to keep your life organized. It can be used in a speedy manner when you forgo usage of the "+" option, and add events instead. In "Day" view mode, time based events can be created by holding your finger on a particular hour. fast wireless charger scheduling helps you to save a ton of time.

Always keep iOS updated to the most recent version, when possible. Nowadays, iPhones are as complicated as computers, meaning that bugs need to be fixed and certain functions need updating. Keeping your operating system updated is especially important if you access or store sensitive information on your phone.

To get the most out of your iPhone, remember that Siri has a ton of unique options you can use, like location reminders. Rather than saying a time-based reminder to Siri, you can use a different command. So instead of having Siri remind you to call somewhere at 6 p.m., you can instead have her remind you when you get home. When the iPhone detects you have arrived at the destination, it will give a reminder alert. You can easily set a reminder if you're not sure when you're getting back home.

Because it replicates practically all of the functions of an ordinary browser, Safari makes it easy to get images from the Internet onto your iPhone. If you would like to save a picture, tap and hold on it. The popup menu allows you to put the picture in your Camera Roll. You can also copy the photo into a message.

There is an easy way to close programs that are running in your iPhone's background. Tap your iPhone's Home key to quickly shut down those programs. Locate the specific app you wish to close, then just press and hold. When the image wiggles, just tap the red button to close the application.

Manipulating text on your iPhone is all about efficiency, and understanding the right shortcuts can really speed you up. You probably already know that double-tapping on a particular word will automatically select it. There is a similar option for paragraphs. Instead of tapping two times, tap four times and you will be able to select a paragraph of text. This makes cutting and pasting a breeze.

Make sure to regularly update your firmware. Doing so extends the life of your battery and makes your iPhone efficient and functional. Firmware can be updated by connecting the phone to your computer after you've uploaded iTunes. You can also connect your iPhone with iCloud to your computer.

The iPhone's connection cable can take damage easily if you aren't careful with it. When it is time to disconnect the power cord, do it gently. If you take care of your cord, it will last you for about 12 months.

Now that you've read this article, you can tell everyone how beneficial having an iPhone is. Tutor your friends and family about all the new ways they can make this great smartphone work for them and their needs.