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Personalize Your IPhone With These Tips

If you are an iPhone owner, you are aware that feature far more power and functionality than other mobile phones. But, you also know that there is much to learn about your iPhone. In order to maximize your experience with the iPhone, peruse the piece that follows for great information.

Do not get panicked if your iPhone freezes on you. First, try the sleep button to wake it up. If that doesn't work, try pressing the "Sleep/Wake" button along with the "Home" button. Doing so should bring up the option to reset your iPhone by using the Power tab. After a few seconds, the phone should power up again.

Use the social media on your iPhone to connect with family and friends. The iPhone allows for you to update your friends on your life through the popular social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Use the social apps to get instant news and updates to know what everyone in the world is doing first.

It's possible to take iPhone photos using only one hand. You can use your volume buttons as your shutter button, so there will be no need to tap the screen. This will allow you to take the picture with one hand while steadying the phone with the other hand.

You may run into a problem in which you are unable to power up your iPhone by pressing its Sleep/Wake button. Fortunately, a hard reset remedies the problem. By simultaneously holding down the sleep/wake button and the home key, it should get your phone working properly again. This will shut off and restart your iPhone.

Do not allow your iPhone to set in the sun for extended periods of time. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can seriously damage your phone. The internals are only meant to endure normal weather conditions, and direct sunlight can be extreme, especially during summer months.

Keep an iPhone away from extreme temperatures. Do not bring your phone into low temperate and refrigerated areas. Exposing your iPhone to extreme cold can cause water to materialize inside of it.

You should stay calm if your iPhone freezes up. Use the Sleep/Wake button as the first remedy. If you are unsuccessful, push it along with the home button. This second solution reboots the phone and restores normal function in a few minutes.

Hold the Home button for about 5 seconds if your iPhone is frozen. This action should reset your iPhone. If that fails, depress the power and "home" buttons together for car charger wireless a period of 12 seconds. Only use the latter suggestion if the former idea fails.

Keep up on all of the new updates for your phone as they are released. When you update your device, you'll have all the fixes, updates, and other important things your iPhone needs. This ensures that you do not lose all of your important information, by saving it to your computer.

Use the multimedia features on your iPhone to get the most out of it. You can use your iPhone download TV series episodes, movies, funny clips or anything else you desire.

There are a few different ways you can scroll through your contacts, but one way doesn't require flicking. Place one of your fingers on the area of the alphabetical list. Then, slide your finger up and down. You now have a less chaotic approach to finding your contacts.

After connecting your social media to your iPhone, you will feel more connected. You can now stay linked to your friends and family at all times. Social media and the iPhone have made all of this possible. This is why the iPhone is so popular.