135Th Kentucky Derby: Best Derby Hats For females

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You just want to make sure you feel confident and as little contrived as possible, otherwise you will look as though you are about to go into one of those "Old West" photo shoots you see at carnivals.

Applying a waterproof layer is just one method - but it's one of the easiest and most effective methods, so I'm going to give you the details as to how to successful waterproof your basement walling with a waterproof layer.

Research. Before you begin your Derby day hat project with your kids, do a little research on the internet about the Kentucky Derby and the cheap Derby hats that are worn at the event each year. Just type " Kentucky Derby hat" into a Google image search and you will find plenty of images of Derby hats from the past and present Kentucky Derbies. Your kids (and you) will enjoy looking at all of the amazing Derby hat designs that have graced the grounds of Churchill Downs over the years.

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