PocketSuite hosts links to softwares developed in our lab for carrying out binding site level analysis

PocketDepth - for identification of binding grooves on the surface of a protein
PocketMatch - for comparison of a pair of binding sites
PocketAlign - for structural alignment of a pair of ligand binding sites
PocketDesign - for design of ligand binding sites

The work was carried out as part of thesis titled, "A Novel Algorithmic Suite for Detection, Large Scale Comparison and Design of Ligand Binding Sites in Protein Structures"
by Kalidas Y under supervison of Dr. Nagasuma Chandra

"It has long been recognized that understanding ligand binding to a protein molecule holds the key to understanding function of the molecule. The highest level of understanding the binding sites requires their study at the level of protein structures. Knowledge of the modes of ligand binding finds useful applications in drug discovery as well."

Softwares for binding site level analysis
PocketDepth PocketMatch PocketAlign PocketAnnotate PocketDesign